The Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc. has awarded the Polis Center $276,542 toward the creation of the Digital Encyclopedia of Indianapolis. The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis (EOI), published in 1994, is dated and out-of-print.

As there is a need for the city to have something more than an updated EOI, we will create a web-based knowledge platform that integrates and accesses information from a variety of sources including the Indianapolis Historical Society, Indianapolis Mayoral Archive, IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis Public Library, Indiana Humanities, Indiana Landmarks, Butler University, the Indiana State Archives and Records Commission, and the Indiana Historical Bureau/Indiana State Library.

We expect the Digital EOI to be part of the Indianapolis bicentennial effort of 2020-21 and will continue to raise the funding required to complete the project, with its estimated total cost of $1 million+.